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Effective Solutions for Sports Injuries

Are you frustrated with taking ever-increasing pills or needing surgery for sports-related injuries? There are other options. Prolotherapy in Denver heals damaged tendons and ligaments is one such safe and natural alternative. Also trigger point injections hydrate muscles knots and promote recovery. Dry needling releases tight muscle bands and improves range of motion and sports performance. These are options we provide every day to people wanting to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

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prolotherapy in denver

Prolotherapy Injections use hypertonic dextrose to help heal tendons and ligaments. Extremely effective for tendonitis and tendinosis, it also helps to stabilize joints and allow athletes to recover faster from injuries. It also reduces the chance of getting the same injury again.

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Dry Needling

Trigger Point Injection and Prolotherapy in Denver

Dry Needling uses hair thin needles to go in to tight muscle knots or trigger points. That helps bring oxygen blood and nutrients to the target area. With more oxygen and nutrients, athletes to heal faster and perform better.

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IV Therapy


Now offering IV infusions, if you ever wanted to see what all the hype is about, this is the perfect time to give it a try. IV Therapy allows us to deliver nutrients directly in to the body’s bloodstream that bypasses any mal-absorption issues or inflammatory gut problems.

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Sports Acupuncture

dry needling in denver

The original regenerative medicine. We don’t use coat the needles or inject the body with anything. Acupuncture uses proven protocols to stimulate the body to heal itself quickly and effectively.

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TrP Injections

Trigger Point Injection in denver

When Dry Needling isn’t enough, give Trigger Point Injections a try. It actually helps to hydrate and fuel muscle targeted repair. It is the same general technic as Dry Needling, only it adds fluids to the area too! It works great for chronic muscle knots.

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B12 Shots

Trigger Point Injection and Prolotherapy in Denver

B12 is an essential vitamin the body needs. It helps give you energy, improve your mood, and is needed for a healthy nervous system. We of HydroxyB12, MethylB12, and MIC Lipostat Injections.

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Prolotherapy in Denver

We focus on natural, safe, and effective treatment strategies for sports injuries. One of the most overlooked therapies when it comes to sports injuries is Prolotherapy. Using a hypertonic dextrose solution this therapy is a safe and effective way to treat damaged tendons and ligaments. The result provides a stabilizing of the joint and shortened recovery period.

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We’re Athletes Too!

Are you tired of your doctor telling you that “Running is bad for your knees”, or “If you do Crossfit, you’ll injure yourself and get Rabdo!”? Here at Prolotherapy of Denver, we know what works because we’re athletes too. Whether you are training for your first 5K or have completed multiple Ironmans, whether you’re a weekend warrior or nationally ranked, we are here to help you meet those goals and smash your PRs.

We’re Here to Help

Prolotherapy Denver is a judgment-free zone. We’ve all had those “what was I thinking” moments. We’re not here to make fun of you, just help you get back out there doing the things you love.  Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!

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