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Laufey Needs an MRI

Prolotherapy of Denver

Our little guys has been having seizures which we’ve had a hard time controlling with medication.  The neurologist is recommending an MRI to rule out a more serious condition.  It will cost $5000 and after 6 ER visits in the past 3 months and 2 neurology visits, we are doing a small fundraiser event for Laufey to raise money for the procedure.

Sept. 24 & 25  B12 Shots and IVs

Laufey’s Story

Prolotherapy of Denver

We have 2 dogs, German Shorthair Pointers, and we have had 6 ER visits in the last 3 months.  Our younger one Laufey, he’s about 16 months now, has been having seizures and we are hoping it is just normal epilepsy.  We took him to the ER after his first one, labs came back normal, they thought maybe he was just a little dehydrated, told us to take him home, observe him, and see how it goes.  He had another within 18 hours, both lasting 3-4 minutes, tonic / clonic in nature.  They put him on seizure meds, gave us a medication to stop clusters of seizures, and we made a neurology appointment.  Neurology went well, again, everything looked normal and he was good for about 6 weeks.  Then he had 4 seizures in 12 hours.  The meds weren’t stopping the seizure activity and that resulted in an overnight ER stay with IVs to keep him calm and stop the seizures.  There was another neurology appointment.  They doubled the dose of one of the meds, added a second medication, and a nasal spray to stop the seizures.  Because he is so young and didn’t respond well to the initial dose of meds and the fact that the rescue meds didn’t stop the cluster of seizures, they want to do an MRI to rule out a more serious condition.  The MRI will cost between $4-5,000 because he has to be sedated so he is completely still during the procedure.  That cost on top of the ER visits and specialist visits while we are expecting our first human child any day, has made things really tight.  We are doing this fundraiser so we can make sure Laufey is getting the right care for what is going on.

Services Offered

We will be offering vitamin and mineral IV infusions and B12 shots on Sat and Sun Sept 24 & 25 and all proceeds will go towards Laufey’s MRI.  We are hoping to get 20 people scheduled for both days.  Let your friends know.  To make sure we have enough supplies, this will be by appointment only.

  • 1500mcg Methyl B12
  • 1500mcg Hydroxy B12
  • MIC + B12
  • Lipostat Plus
  • Myers Cocktail
  • Alleviate (For Muscle Spasms)
  • Immunity (extra Vit C for Immune Support)
  • Performance & Recovery (Vit, Minerals & Aminos)

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