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Lipostat MIC Shot Denver

Support Healthy Weight Loss when used with diet and exercise

MIC Shot Wash Park

If you are trying to loose weight, B12 can help, but MIC shots are better. Methionine, Inosotol and Choline help to regulate the blood sugar and reduce cravings. This is not a magic bullet. It does not replace healthy eating or exercise. When that is not enough on it’s own, then MIC injections can help. Especially if you have plateaued in your weight loss program. To improve it’s effectiveness, we add B12 and B6 in our Lipostat Plus MIC Injection.

Aid Digestion

We all know we need to hydrate with activity. Sometimes that doesn't always work. Trigger Point Injection gets the water and electrolytes to the muscles that need it!

Regulate Appetite

Tendons connect our muscles to bones. Over time they can become overused and weak. This is referred to as Tendinopathy. Prolotherapy helps the body to heal the tendons, allowing an athlete to perform at their best.

Support Liver

It has recently been discovered that Prolotherapy can help in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. It helps the body to produce cartilage, thus reducing the pain of arthritis, especially when you first start having symptoms.

How Much Do MIC Injections Cost

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$ 35 Cost Per Treatment
  • Total $35

6 MIC Shots

Buy 5, Get 6th FREE!
  • Total $175

Be the “You” you feel like on the inside!

MIC Shots Near Me

Prolotherapy has been used for more than 60 years. It has shown effective in double blind studies and


We’re Here to Help

Prolotherapy of Denver is a judgment-free zone. You can be a weekend warrior, finish on the podium, or just trying to be a better you. We’re not here to judge you; we just want to help you get back out there, doing the things you love. We want to work with you, where you are now to help you achieve your goals.  Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!
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