Physical Therapy vs. Prolotherapy

Effective Treatment and Lasting Improvements with Prolotherapy over Physical Therapy

People of all ages and ability levels grapple with health challenges due to injury, illness, and changes in mobility associated with age. For example, in recent years, costs for treating musculoskeletal disease in the U.S. have been estimated to be $874 billion annually.

Each athlete who has ever experienced an injury that left them sidelined knows just how vital it is to get back into action. Many are considering physical therapy to support their recovery, but upon further examination, prolotherapy is a more cost-effective and lasting solution.

In addition, physical therapy sessions can be hour-long visits multiple times per month or week. That time away from work or activities you enjoy can be expensive on many levels. Also, that strain or sprain may not feel worth the cost of physical therapy.

There are numerous reasons that people young and old seek the benefits of prolotherapy, which include:physical-therapy-vs-prolotherapy-denver

  • Improvements to post-partum outcomes for women’s joints and muscles
  • Enhanced balance and prevention of falls by stabilizing joints
  • Aiding in recovery from sports injuries
  • Increases to the outlook of mobility issues by boosting stability
  • Improvements to the health of joints weakened by arthritis

Prolotherapy has a record of promoting joint and ligament healing rather than simply masking pain. This healing may improve pain management and allow patients to avoid surgical options. Let’s look more closely at the benefits of prolotherapy over physical therapy.

The Success Rate of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical intervention with a track record of success. For example, a study showed the effectiveness of prolotherapy in treating chronic rotator cuff lesions. In addition, 93% of recipients of prolotherapy reported good to excellent outcomes. Meanwhile, 57% described good to excellent outcomes in the physical therapy group.

The prolotherapy group found benefit in the stabilizing effects to joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. However, interventions for stress and trauma can go missing with physical therapy, which is not an inexpensive treatment option.

Physical therapy has a concentration on muscle strengthening and movement patterns. Meanwhile, prolotherapy strengthens and repairs ligaments’ instability. Lacking the support to be mobile may create worsening injuries. In addition, loose ligaments do not support proper force generation through the body, resulting in pain, swelling, and immobility.

Price of Prolotherapy vs. Physical Therapy

Some candidates for physical therapy will find that visits can be costly. For example, if a physical therapy visit costs $75 per visit, 12 weeks of continual treatment across 36 sessions would equal $2,700. Not to mention the time investment of going to and from therapy. While finding physical therapists in the Denver area is not hard, getting time-saving, effective treatment for injuries is quite the challenge.

Effective treatment is possible while saving time and money for lasting results. For example, as Prolotherapy of Denver, there are treatment options of 3 sessions for just $749 and 5 sessions for $999. The difference is apparent when comparing 3 to 5 visits and the money saved.

Investing your hard-earned money should bring lasting relief, stability, and proven treatment. Patients report substantial improvements and are not simply blunting the pain as they might with injectable options like cortisone treatments.

Avoiding Surgery & Stabilizing Joints with Prolotherapy

Most patients would prefer to avoid the price and the recovery process of surgery, which is what draws them to physical therapy. Prolotherapy is a non-surgical option that can stabilize weakened tissue and joints. Improving the joints, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments can enhance patients’ quality of life.

A more balanced and stable joint brings improvements in mobility. Standing, walking, bending, and lifting can become more manageable as movements patterns improve. In addition, those who find themselves injured can strengthen their recovery by having more strength beforehand.

Avoiding surgery also means lower health care costs and getting back to life sooner. Find out if prolotherapy is suitable for your individual care plan. It’s a course of treatment that has proven to have better outcomes when compared to physical therapy. Additionally, the treatment saves time, money, and the mental and emotional stress of injury.

If you have any questions about Prolotherapy or if it is a good fit for you, please reach out to our team at Prolotherapy of Denver.