Prolotherapy as A Safe and Effective Treatment for SI Joint and Postpartum Low Back Pain

Low back pain is prevalent among women directly after delivery as more than 67% of women cite back pain after delivery. At the time of a follow-up examination, 37% continued to note back pain. With the challenging experiences of birth, both natural and cesarean, we expect that number is quite higher. What many are searching for is a realistic option to deliver lasting relief. An application like prolotherapy that works naturally with the body is incredibly valuable.

Because the body releases progesterone during pregnancy, those hormones loosen ligaments and joints on the pelvic bone to accommodate a baby’s arrival. After delivery, the hormones remain in the body at elevated levels, leading to the post-delivery back pain that many people experience.

While it can be painful and difficult, some standard techniques can support the management of postpartum low back pain:

  • prolotherapy-for-postpartum-painSoaking in a warm bathtub.
  • Gentle massage to soothe tension in the low back and muscles
  • Relaxation techniques to help aid and support the recovery of muscles and tendons
  • Prolotherapy to promote lasting healing

Prolotherapy is natural, safe, and works with the body’s processes to promote lasting healing rather than numbing discomfort. The process is even safe for use during breastfeeding, and it effectively strengthens tendons and ligaments to help the low back and SI Joint heal after pregnancy.

Patients who choose Prolotherapy of Denver even enjoy peace of mind knowing that they use natural and safe ingredients in their injections. These ingredients include dextrose, hydroxyl B12, and lidocaine.

Even over-the-counter remedies can temporarily blunt pain but do not provide enduring solutions for relief. Improving strength and flexibility requires stable tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

SI joint and postpartum low back pain is beyond uncomfortable and can affect the quality of life. The vibrance of regular activities can be sapped, but it doesn’t have to. Protecting, preserving, and restoring ligaments, tendons, and joints with the benefit of prolotherapy can help mothers feel more like themselves after delivery.

Prolotherapy Supplies Lasting Effects that Outperform Cortisone Injections

Corticosteroid injections can attack inflammation and mask pain, but studies indicate lasting change results through powerful healing. Prolotherapy brings critical elements to the affected areas that promote healing and do not weaken tendons and joints over time as cortisone can.

Weeks and even months after childbirth, low back pain can hamper mobility and affect the quality of life. However, low back pain is treatable when met with an approach that targets the source of the pain. Joint instability is frequently a cause. In addition, as the torso grows to accommodate the baby, strain and stress are placed on the low back.

Additionally, there are causes such as epidural complications that can exacerbate low back pain. (Consequently, prolotherapy is also suitable for some cases of diastasis recti, which is often preferable to surgical intervention.) The root cause of joint instability is addressable and, with longer-lasting results compared to other methods, will not tend to degeneration or injury of ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. While cortisone can mask the pain from changes in sleeping positions during pregnancy, actual restful nights come from a recovery that endures.

Lasting solutions help reduce the interferences with daily activities ranging from tying your shoes to working at your job.

Prolotherapy sessions can be much less financial burdensome than cortisone injections. Healing rather than masking is priceless. Rebuilding stability can improve mechanics and aid in avoiding repeated injury. Next, find out if you are a candidate for prolotherapy treatment and begin the healing process. 

Postpartum SI Joint Benefits of Prolotherapy

Many people have also reported sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction after delivery. Within the first 6-12 weeks of delivery, the body allows the uterus to return to its previous size. During this time, bending, twisting, lifting can become complicated and even painful.

Enter prolotherapy to address what can be debilitating pain. In these joints, between the sacrum (tailbone) and ilium (hip bone) in the pelvis are powerful ligaments that join the bones and joints. What is often a troubling pain for golfers and athletes who do rotations of the hips impacts mothers intensely. Instability of the SI joint as a result of stretched ligaments can be approached using prolotherapy. h.

Cortisone and some therapies can address the pain, but the odds of re-injury and additional pain are likely with the instability still present. Repairing and regenerating musculoskeletal structures with prolotherapy can change the outlook for the SI joint.

Patients can achieve lasting benefits in as little as three to six injection treatments. As a safe procedure for expectant and new mothers, it has tremendous appeal over alternative methods. In addition, relieving pain can be natural and lasting. 

Prolotherapy and Postpartum Low Back Pain

Nagging pains, joint instability, loosening ligaments are part of the body preparing itself for delivery. Since the pelvis will need to stretch, what the body goes through is necessary, and still, it comes with demanding changes. As the hormones released begin to wane after delivery, the integrity of the pelvis is restored, but the overall strain and pain continue beyond the baby’s birth.

While mothers may not pay much attention to the pain at first, as it refers pain down the legs, the hips, or throughout the back, it tends to force compensations that can further compromise stability. In addition, progressive arthritic changes resulting from cortisone are not a lasting solution. Getting back to a routine requires injury prevention through healing.

When a safe and natural dextrose solution is introduced into damaged and overstretches tendons and ligaments, it can evoke regenerative reactions that shore up the integrity of tissues. The bones of the spine that stack upon one another can host some severe issues that, if left unresolved, can be with a new mother for months after delivery. 

If you have any questions about Prolotherapy or if it is a good fit for you, please reach out to our team at Prolotherapy of Denver.