Affordable Cost Of Prolotherapy In Denver

The cost of prolotherapy in Denver affordable, effective,  natural, and safe. Although one for the most overlooked therapies, it has been shown very effective when it comes to things like damaged tendons, ligaments, and sports injuries.

Despite the effectiveness of prolotherapy, sometimes insurance providers do not cover the cost of treatment. Here at Prolotherapy Denver we provide affordable prices and treatment plans. We believe everyone deserves to be free of pain caused from sports injuries and other conditions.

Our prices start at

  • $299 for 1 treatment
  • $749 for 3 treatments
  • $899 for 5 treatments

What comes in a treatment of proliferative therapy injections? Most commonly in an injection will be 12.5 – 25% Dextrose. Dextrose is a natural sugar that will create an inflammation at the site of injection. This inflammation triggers the natural healing response of the human body. For example blood circulation increases which brings with it oxygen and other healing components of red and white blood cells.

Injections are a combination of dextrose, vitamin B12, and Lidocaine

At Prolotherapy Denver we use a combination of Lidocaine, Hydroxocobolamin (vitamin B12), and Dextrose. This combination of local anesthetics (lidocaine) and natural substaces easily recognized by the body (dextrose and vitamin B12) optimally helps the body heal. Furthermore it reduces the chances of any negative reactions by the patient.