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Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical procedure that stimulates and enhances the body’s healing process in strengthening and repairing injured joints and connective tissue. Simply put, Prolotherapy is a remedy used to treat connective tissue injuries—like tendons and ligaments—that have not healed on their own. So, when these connective tissues are stretched or torn, it can destabilize the joint, causing pain, laxity and improper movements of the joint.

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Heal Ligaments

Ligaments help keep our joints stable. With repetitive use or injury, ligaments can become stretched and unstable. Prolotherapy helps to strengthen ligaments and provides longevity in sports and active lifestyles.

Dry Needling

Repair Tendons

Tendons connect our muscles to bones. Over time they can become overused and weak. This is referred to as Tendinopathy. Prolotherapy helps the body to heal the tendons, allowing an athlete to perform at their best

Dry Needling

Build Cartilage

It has recently been discovered that Prolotherapy can help in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. It helps the body to produce cartilage, thus reducing the pain of arthritis, especially when you first start having symptoms.

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*If you are working with a lawyer and being treated on a lien basis, billing insurance, or worker’s comp, treatments will be billed at the regular price. If you are able to pay for the treatment at the time of service, you are eligible for the TOS Discount which offers significant savings. This is due to the fact that legal cases can take years to resolve, and insurance and worker’s comp automatically reduce payments to a fraction of what is billed.

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Prolotherapy Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not a hoax.  Prolotherapy was standardized in the 1950’s and has undergone rigorous clinical trials investigating if it works and how it works.  Prolotherapy has been proven to be effective in many cases and is supported with scientific research.

With any injection, there are risks.  The provider must be qualified and understand how prolotherapy works and the structures around what they are injecting.  That being said, the ingredients in a prolotherapy solution are safe and side effects are rare.

No, unfortunately Prolotherapy is not covered by insurance. You can use an HSA or Flex Spending account though.

Absolutely!  One of the most common injuries I treat, and get the best results with, is SI Joint pain.  Prolotherapy helps to rejuvenate the SI joint and strengthen the ligaments that stabilize the low back and SI joint.  Prolotherapy in very effective in treating this, especially post-partum and other low back injuries.

Yes, prolotherapy has been proven to help with arthritis.  It can offer years of relief, but since arthritis is a degenerative condition, you will want to incorporate proper movement exercises to help to slow the progress of the arthritis.  Proper nutrition will also be key.

Yes, prolotherapy has been proven to help with arthritis.  It can offer years of relief, but since arthritis is a degenerative condition, you will want to incorporate proper movement exercises to help to slow the progress of the arthritis.  Proper nutrition will also be key.

Prolotherapy has been proven to help with knee pain.  Many studies tracked results for 2 – 2.5 years still demonstrating relief from their treatments.

Most cases require 3 injections about 2-3 weeks apart.  After about 10 days following the third injection, we want the patient to start increasing activity and see how the area feels and assess the healing.  For more severe cases like bone on bone arthritis or full thickness tears of tendons or ligaments, up to 6 injections, 2-3 weeks apart are needed. Each treatment takes 30 – 45 minutes.

Prolotherapy injects a concentrated dextrose solution in to an injured part of the body to help it heal faster.  The nature of the solution results in a dull ache for 48 to 72 hours.  You will not be sedated, and you will be able to perform light to moderate activity.  You can use a warm compress if needed, but most people find the discomfort tolerable.

Injection Series

Most of the time you need to do a series of injections to gain the most from prolotherapy. For mild to moderate injuries, 3 injections generally work well. You will want to have 3 to 4 weeks between each injection. For more severe injuries, you may need 5 injections. Doing dry needling between injections can also help with the healing but needs to be done at the appropriate time and more moderate in nature. Ask about of 9 week program for best results!

What is in an Injection?

The most common ingredient injected is dextrose at a concentration of 12.5% – 25%. Dextrose is a natural sugar that will cause an inflammatory response. This increases the circulation and brings with it oxygen and other nutrients to the area. While each provider can use a different formula, here at Prolotherapy of Denver, we use a combination of Dextrose, B12 (hydroxocobolamin), and Lidocaine (to ease the patient’s discomfit). By using natural substances that the body can recognize, it helps the body in healing and reduces the chance of a patient reacting to the injection.

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Prolotherapy of Denver is a judgment-free zone. We’ve all had those “what was I thinking” moments. We’re not here to make fun of you; we just want to help you get back out there, doing the things you love. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!