What are TrP Injections?

Trigger Points (TrP) are ares of tight muscles.  They are also called muscle knots.  Sometimes doctors  use lidocaine to take away the pain, but that will wear off in an hour or so. It also generally doesn’t get rid of the knot.  Instead, our trigger point injection use a small amount of vitamins and electrolytes directly into the muscle to hydrate the damaged tissue and promote a speedy recovery.

Trigger Point Injection in denver

Locally Hydrate

We all know we need to hydrate with activity.  Sometimes that doesn’t always work.  Trigger Point Injection gets the water and electrolytes to the muscles that need it!

prolotherapy and Trigger Point Injection by Dr. Scott Richardson DAOM

Release The Knots

Have you heard of Dry Needling? This takes it to the nest level. We release the muscle knot AND give the muscle nutrients and electrolytes it needs to repair. DN on steroids! :)

Trigger Point Injection and Prolotherapy in Denver

Speed Recovery

Our body needs specific nutrients to perform at it’s best.  Exercise can deplete the body and especially the muscles of the nutrients it needs.  TrP injections get the nutrients where they’re needed.

Treatment Program

Trigger Points can be tricky little buggers. I can say that these hydrating-electrolyte solutions have been the best way I’ve found to treat them. That being said, the number of treatments required can vary. If it is an acute injury, a few days or a couple of weeks old, they will generally be resolved with 1-3 trigger point injection. For chronic cases, knots that have been present for years, I generally recommend a series of 5.

1 Treatment




5 Series



YOU SAVE $1950

3 Series



YOU SAVE $1100

*If you are working with a lawyer and being treated on a lien basis, billing insurance, or worker’s comp, treatments will be billed at the regular price. If you are able to pay for the treatment at the time of service, you are eligible for the TOS Discount which offers significant savings. This is due to the fact that legal cases can take years to resolve, and insurance and worker’s comp automatically reduce payments to a fraction of what is billed.

We’re Here to Help

Prolotherapy of Denver is a judgment-free zone. We’ve all had those “what was I thinking” moments. We’re not here to make fun of you; we just want to help you get back out there, doing the things you love. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!