What Is Prolotherapy Treatment?

If you have ever experienced a sports injury you may be wondering what is prolotherapy? Also known as proliferative therapy, this treatment uses trigger point injections to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with certain types of injuries. Prolotherapy works great for discomfort associated with areas such as knees, back, shoulder, and more.

Sports injuries is not just a term related to conditions caused by athletes. This term refers to any injury caused by exercise or physical activity. These types of injuries have a high rate of success with prolotherapy. Furthermore proliferative therapy has proven effective in treating many musculoskeletal conditions throughout the US and world wide.

During treatment trigger point injections are utilized to inject a safe and natural solution into the afflicted area, for example prolotherapy for knees. At our Prolotherapy Denver offices we use a combination of dextrose, lidocaine, and vitamin B12. This type of injection causes a temporary inflammation which stimulates the natural healing process.

Trigger point injections create a low grade inflammation at the injection site. Which activates fibroblasts to said area. This synthesizes precursors to mature collagen and thus reinforces connective tissue. Due to the fact that prolotherapy promotes healing rather than just pain relief, it offers long term benefits over temporary.

Trigger Point Injections offer long term relief for sports injuries.

Furthermore it’s important to note that biopsy studies have shown ligament thickening, enlargement of the tendinosseous junction, and strengthening of the tendon or ligament as a result of proliferative therapy treatments. For all these reasons this type of trigger point injection therapy is so beneficial for sports injuries like back, knee, and shoulder pain.

Common injuries that benefit from proliferative therapy include sprains, strains, shin splints, and Achilles’ tendon. Also bone fractures and joint dislocations.

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